Coronavirus Updates


UPDATE 06/07/20

At long last we are allowed to open our Building for the community to use.  For now, we will be opening our Building at 11am every Wednesday for an hour for Private Prayer.  This is where you can come in for a spot of private prayer and/or private reflection (please note no refreshments can be provided).  Full social distancing and hygiene measures will be in place.

Measures taken by the church include:

  • Keeping up to date with all guidance issued by the Government, Baptist Union and the Evangelical Alliance.
  • Risk Assessment completed.
  • Ensuring all those assisting with activities and events are aware of the guidance and also to make sure that they are healthy when helping.
  • Deep clean of surfaces before and after events and activities.  These surfaces include Tables, Worktops, Desks, Chairs and Door handles.
  • Implementation of an emergency plan should anyone fall ill during an event/activity
  • Implementation of a One Way system.
  • Implementation of Social Distancing measures at 2m.
  • There is no set capacity for the building - it depends on the event taking place.

Guidelines implemented by the church for visitors, based on the latest advice include the following:

  • Following the one way system which will be clearly signed.   The entrance is the front of Church and the exit is at the Car Park.  You will no longer be able to enter the church from the Car Park - you will need to walk round to the front.  If you need help then please ring the doorbell for assistance.
  • Registering on entry.  When entering the building your name and telephone number will be written down for Track and Trace Purposes.  The data will only be kept for 21 days and we have an emergency registration privacy statement to cover this.
  • Following all signs and advice regarding Social Distancing and the One Way system (including households keeping 2m apart from each other).
  • Unfortunately, contact between people such as hugs, handshakes, laying on hands is not allowed.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser on entering and leaving the church.
  • Please do not attend if feeling unwell.
  • Facemasks are not required but can be worn if desired.
  • Bibles can still be used but will need to be put in the return box after use so they can be quarantined for 72 hours.
  • Toilets will remain open but please clean surfaces after use.
  • Refreshments will not be available.

Planning for what else the building can open for will be taking place over the next few weeks.  Updates will be published here and on Facebook.

Everything else will remain online for now including our Live Sparklers and Live Messages.

UPDATE 06/04/20

The Virtual Church is now up and running.  On our YouTube page we have Playlists and Live Sermons and on our Facebook page we have a variety of content including a Live Sparklers slot every Sunday at 10.30am.

UPDATE 22/03/20

Our plans our now starting to come together to show that although the church building is closed, the church is still very much open!  Here is the latest update on what is happening at Basford Road.

Virtual Church

We are holding virtual services on YouTube which will be available from 11am every Sunday.  Please watch us on our YouTube Channel and let us know what you think.  The services will be stored on this channel so will always be available.  There will also be other virtual activities on both YouTube and on our Facebook page.  We are also investigating ways of keeping people who attend Bright!, Youth Club and Tots connected (e.g. Tots are connected on a WhatsApp chat).


We will not be able to have our usual Easter activities however we will still be having a virtual Good Friday service and an Easter Sunday service, more details nearer the time.


If you have any prayer requests then please let us know by e-mail, Facebook or on the website.  We realise what a difficult time this is for everyone so will seek to help where we can.

For all the latest updates please keep an eye on our Facebook page and on the website.

UPDATE 17/03/20

Hello All,

Following the latest recommendations from the Government and the Baptist Union we have reluctantly decided that all Church activities and events are now cancelled until further notice.  This includes the Sunday Service, Home Groups, Coffee Pot, Tots, Bright!, Freeriders Youth Club and Craft Club and anything else that was due to happen at Church for the foreseeable future.

The Leaders will now be discussing and planning a wide range of initiatives and ideas to provide help for those that need it and for you to still feel connected to Basford Road.  We are also looking at ideas to help those in need at this time.

I will keep you posted on here, on Facebook and on the website.

Here is a message from David (Minister):

“Psalm 23 vs 4 reminds us that when we go through testing and challenging circumstances we don’t do it on our own because the Lord is with us. As a nation we are facing very challenging time, but we don’t face them on our own but with the Lord right next to us. So as we journey through this time together remember the Lord is with us. Let us draw strength and comfort from our faith in Jesus. Rev David Pile”

If you need any help then do let us know either by e-mailing me or contacting us on Facebook. 

Many thanks and blessings at this very difficult time.  



Church Secretary

Basford Road Baptist Church

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